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Quality assurance

Quality assurance

The company fully implements the ISO9001 quality system, and strictly implements the three inspections, namely, the raw material incoming inspection, the production process inspection, the ex-factory inspection, in the production procedure also USES the self-inspection, the mutual inspection, the special inspection and so on measures to guarantee the product quality, guarantees the unqualified product not to leave the factory. Strictly in accordance with user requirements and the relevant national standards, no national standard of the product under the standard of the enterprise) organize production, to provide products, guarantee provided by the product without the use of a new product, and adopting the most suitable raw materials, advanced technology, guarantee the quality of products, specifications and performance in accordance with the bid documents as described or user requirements. Products in the manufacturing engineering at any time welcome customers to the enterprise to supervise production, goods use the most appropriate mode of transport, packaging and marking in line with national standards and user requirements.

The products of the company

1. Load-bearing manhole cover: qualified by the national construction engineering quality supervision and inspection center, bearing 40 tons, according to BS en124:2015;

2. Manhole operating Wells: tested and qualified, according to Q/ yjt01-2018 composite manhole operating Wells for gas stations;

3. Color non-load-bearing manhole cover: qualified after testing, the standard is in accordance with Q/YJT 02-2018 "color manhole cover off the driveway in oil station tank area";

4. Drainage grates: pass the inspection of national construction engineering quality supervision and inspection center, bearing 40 tons, according to BS en124:1994.

Inspection center

Universal testing machine, the company has 10 ton 2 t universal testing machine, UV ultraviolet accelerated aging test machine, complete sets of manhole well bearing test device, bearing cap test device, a water seal test equipment, measuring instrument, barcol hardness tester, surface resistance muffle furnace, constant temperature box, electronic balance, test test equipment, can satisfy the production with raw materials into the factory inspection, product performance, ensure product quality.


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